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Muscle Release

In conjunction with acupuncture, Dr. Smith often utilizes muscle release (or osteopathic) techniques.

These are particularly beneficial for breaking up knots and realigning the body for musculo-skeletal problems. They are also helpful in alleviating symptoms related to many medical conditions.

As an example, muscle release techniques can help symptoms of asthma by letting the lungs open up further, decreasing some of the constriction that develops over time in someone short of breath. Acupuncture affects the actual inflammation inside the lungs differently and makes the person less susceptible to the triggers of their asthma.

In the case of allergies, osteopathy can improve sinus drainage to help a person feel better from the symptoms of the allergy. The acupuncture works at a deeper level, changing receptors on the surface of the cell to address the allergic reaction.

The acupuncture works on a deeper level, but the osteopathy provides quicker relief. By combining them, Dr. Smith addresses multiple levels of a problem.