Linda M. Smith, MD
                                                Family Practitioner

                                    Dr. Smith and Associates
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                                                Westminster, MA 01473
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About Dr. Smith


"My emphasis is on restoration of function. Everything hinges on helping a person optimize their performance and quality of life."

"That translates to something different for every person. For one person in pain, that may mean being able to get dressed and make the bed again. It may mean resuming a favorite sport or hobby."

"A diabetic may want to reduce or eliminate medication, while a chemotherapy patient may be looking for relief from nausea."


  • Medical School, Boston University. 1986-1990.

  • Family Practice Residency, Pennsylvania State University at Hershey Medical Center. 1990-1993.

  • Acupuncture Training, Harvard Medical School. 2002-2003.

  • Osteopathic Training, University of New England. Ongoing.

  • Owner and Operator, Ashburnham Wellness Center. 1997-Present.

  • Member, American Academy of Medical Acupuncture